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The worldwide immigration flow has largely been intensified by globalization, a process in which economic, social, and cultural flows are at work. At the heart of globalization, are new information and technologies, mobility, and capital flows. Globalization has therefore accentuated economic, communication, cultural, social, and political relations worldwide. Within these relations, economic and cultural disparities have also escalated between the developing worlds.

The American society continues to feel the effect of immigration in almost all spheres of life. This is because globalization is in the process of reshaping local conditions through powerful global forces where ambiguous identities and diffusion of cultural traits take place. Cultural hybridization negates the idea of America as a melting pot where the immigrant is expected to become one with the rest of the citizenry. Instead, American has become a “salad bow” or “stew pot” where the immigrant does not need to abandon his or her cultural heritage to acquire American identity. As a result, globalization is encouraging trans-border identities and long-distance nationalism. Kenyan immigrants perceive the United States as a place where opportunities abound.

These opportunities not only provide social and economic gains, but also allow perpetuation of their cultural and religious traditions. They have chosen to maintain identities and cultural heritages to satisfy their spiritual and cultural needs. They have come to the United States with their cultural and social attributes, made apparent in their social interactions, worship, and homes.

Globalization has shown that state boundaries are less important because people carry with them their “homes” in terms of culture and traditions. The consensus of the majority of Kenyan immigrants is simply, no matter how powerful cultural evolution may be, there will always be a distinctive feature of the African mind. This is attested to by the gravitation of many Kenyan ethnic groups to certain fundamental cultural features and locations.

2022 Atlanta Majuu Festivals is an exhibition of a myriad of Kenyan-African cultures. The exhibition endeavors to inform, educate, inspire and entertain those in attendance even as they mesmerize those who will experience the Kenyan -African Culture for the first time.

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Why Atlanta Majuu?

Atlanta Majuu seeks to be cultural-bridge- builder where local meets global. In order to keep culture afloat, Atlanta Majuu Festivals, exhibit a myriad of Kenyan-African cultures.  Kenyans in Metro Atlanta, Georgia, have in the past added to the cultural tapestry that shapes American Society.  They have led other Kenyans in Diaspora in celebrating their cultural heritage with great pride and enthusiasm.  These Festivals involve intergenerational artists who display among others, traditional dances, cultural fashion shows, cultural artifacts, all showcasing Kenya’s diverse ethnic groups’ cultures and traditions. For the last twelve years, Atlanta Majuu has informed educated, inspired, and entertained those in attendance. On May 27-29, 2022, different cultural performances representing Rwanda, Ghana, Congo, and several Kenya ethnic groups will show case the best of Africa.

A six-day cruise to Jamaica (between May 30-June 04) will offer a relaxing and adventurous getaway.  The port of departure is Miami, in Florida.

With hundreds in attendance Atlanta Majuu will promote culture, sports, and tourism industry in Kenya. At the same time, visitors will taste Southern hospitality in one of the most hospitable States. They will treat themselves to landmarks and shopping spree and find memorabilia that will preserve their travel memories for a lifetime. They will have a lasting memory of the land of the Free and home of the brave. In addition, Georgia will always be on their mind.

Event Schedule

At Kenyan American Community Church (KACC)

Friday, 27th May 2022



Saturday, 28th May 2022

10Am – 5PM




Sunday, 29th May 2022


2PM – 6PM






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